We are happy that you want to colour the Festival with your Art, Performances, Music and/or Workshops. 🙂

We decided to offer you these lovely perks:

  • we reimburse any costs e.g. transportation costs and material cost – please tell us as soon as possible what costs you expect to have, so that we can take these into account when doing our calculations. If you need any costs covered in advance please let us know as early as possible.
  • an amount of free drinks for each member of the band (has to be decided still depending on how many tickets we sell)
  • discounted entry ticket for the festival
  • donations: We will collect donations in advance – people exceed the ticket price as much as they see fit – as well as at the festival itself – so since people are enthusiastic about your contribution they will show their appreciation. 🙂

About the money: In general we calculate that the festival costs are covered by the entrance fees without making a profit – the price for the full weekend including food is €35.

Since you as artists / performers / musicians / workshoppers are also guests, you also pay for the festival entry fee – but at a discounted rate (26€) as we want to express our appreciation for your participation. The festival guests are encouraged to make extra donations for you – last time this came to €42 per person (so for example €168 for a 4-person band) – but we cannot guarantee this amount as it is dependent on how much is donated by the guests.

This may sound a little complicated now – One might ask, why not just add a charge to the ticket prices that yields 40€ per artist? For us, this is a part of the nature of the festival: just as tasks are distributed among the guests during the festival, this also happens with the decision as to how the financial remuneration of the artists turns out.

Just as with all other guests, it holds that if you have problems to pay the discounted entry price talk to us and we’ll figure something out together. We do not want anybody to miss out on the festival due to financial reasons!

Let us know your views on these conditions, we are curious! 😀