What should I bring with me?

Definitely remember to bring

  • Sleeping bag and camping mat
  • A tent – unless you want to sleep on the attic
  • Camping dishes and cutlery
  • Solar lights to mark your tent
  • Make sure you will find your way to the mill:
    • Coming by car: Look at the directions, maybe print out this map
    • Taking the train: Tell us what time you will arrive
  • Good mood :] and good weather!

Money for:

  • Drinks at the bar
  • Donations for the Workshops
  • Donations for the Bands

Well, that’s not even that much! 🙂

You might also want to pack (if available /required /desired):

  • All the hammocks you have (please, please, pretty please – we want to have a wonderful hammock forest again)
  • Musical instruments, lyrics and your best singing voice
  • Games, juggling, etc.
  • Flashlights, candles, wind lights
  • (Picnic) blankets to sit outside
    If you want to drink something other than what we offer, e.g. your favorite hard liquor
  • A plain t-shirt or any unicolor fabric – to spray the festival logo onto it, make a really nice Müh(l)e liebt… shirt
  • If you want to walk through the forest or scrub a lot: Sturdy shoes. And something against ticks might also be good!
  • If the mosquitoes like you, arm yourselves with a suitable remedy; If you like the mosquitoes, not
  • Suitable to the weather: sun cream, bathing suit, etc.

For the workshops (if you are interested in attending or just want to help with the resources):

Other Material

We need some still some stuff for the kitchen:

  • Herbs and Spices
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Dips and spreads

What you should NOT bring…

As water drains go directly in the same ground we get our drinking water from we ask you to please take care of the water source and the surrounding environment and leave all non ecological soap & shampoo at home. We will provide eco friendly soap for everyone to shower, wash the dishes and hands with. If you wish you can also bring your own eco friendly products. #lovenature