How did the festival evolve? Looking back on previous years

The very very very small beginnigs were in 2009 with Franz, Janila and only 5 others. But back then the idea was born to organize something festival-like at the mill – and already we had a campfire, a tipi, hammocks, glow sticks … the first constants were set 😉

2010 we repeated the event only “slightly” larger:

The number of guests grew from 7 to 120 and we began to imagine that this development might continue. → Website of 2010 (German only)   

2011 was the first time we had live music from Black FatCat and kayn, and unfortunately we also had lots and lots of rain. With about 80 people who dared to attend despite the bad weather we once again had a really wonderful festival – mostly inside though! : D → Website of 2011 (German only)

After a one year break, the tradition of festivals at the mill continued in 2013: “Mühlenparty” became “Mühlenrock” and with Opi as as part the organization there was much more and more professional live music → Website of 2013 (German only)

We continued right on with Mühlenrock 2014, again with lots of live music and a growing workshop program! And for once we changed neither name nor logo that year 😀 → Website of 2014 (German only)

The Mühle liebt… 2017 was a little bit different again. The orga group was growing bigger and we had drawn a a different picture with quite a lot of workshops, performance, bands, djs, cinema and wonderful puppet players. It was quite a lot of fun and that’s why we are happily looking forward to this year.

Müh(l)evoll 2019 – what will happen?

The Kuckucksmühle and it’s project – Eco Hacker Farm should get more visible, because we need supporter the whole year to grow and to increase the impact!

Get your self into! Create and engage already before the festival!  We need your help already. 🙂

In any case, we are already looking forward to it and are very curious how this project will continue to develop!



On the 2014 website there are loads of pictures! On the individual pages of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 you can look at pictures of the respective year, there is pictures of the mill in general, or pictured from all years sorted by subject.