Get your tickets :-D

The recommended price to leave a nice donation for reduced tickets group (artists / workshops / tech / orga) and cover any extra costs.


  1. Minimum festival price for whole weekend (even if you don’t stay the whole weekend!) – € 35 – includes all meals
  2. Reduced price for whole weekend (→ for musicians, workshop organizers, artists, performers and organizers/technicians) – € 26 – includes all meals
  3. Day ticket only for guests who do not sleep on site but spend the day with us – € 18 per day – includes lunch
  4. Evening ticket for guests who come from the surrounding villages – € 13 per evening – includes dinner

I want to buy my festival ticket

You can get a ticket by paying:

Please send an email confirming transfer of funds with your name – you will be asked for this name when you are at the registration area! If you are booking also for other people please provide all names!

We want to avoid confusion at the registration area on the day 😀

Any money received over and above with minimum festival price will go towards the donations pot that covers performers, technicians, organizers, workshoppers and pre-festival costs (if we go over what we already budgeted).

Some details about how we get to these figures…

Our calculation is pretty complex, which is understandable when you consider that trying to get the balance sheet to zero is much more complicated than maximizing profits. ^^

We have a “minimum festival price” to cover the food for the entire weekend and additional costs, such as new showers, travel expenses and materials for decoration.

Here is the financial summary for 2017:

 Bar  76.69
 Tickets & donations  4036.85
 Hygiene  644.4
 Food  1232.56
 Transport  160
 decoration  80
 artists & technicians  1155
 utilities  29
 venue costs & improvements  692.58
 organisers  120

This entrance price is calculated with practically no margin so we are very happy about additional donations.

Then there is also the drinks, which we sell at just double the purchase price, so that the earnings can also cover the free drinks for artists, technicians and organisers get and still also retain a small buffer – for unexpected costs, such as broken equipment.

Financial compensation for…

…artists, technicians, workshoppers and organisers is also very important for us. We reimburse their travel expenses and they have certain special conditions, but there is no real salary. To do this, we would have to collect some €€ on top of the entrance fee – but we do not want you to dictate how much the bands, technicians, workshoppers and organisers are “worth” to you – and what sum you can give without difficulty.

The recommended price only gives a helpful hint, you can of course go above and beyond this if you can & want to.

In addition you can also throw some money in the hat at the festival.

Some more ticket FAQ

“What about children?”
Children below 14 years old don’t have to pay.

“I do not stay for the whole weekend, but I still have to pay the full price?”
Yes, partly because there are many fixed costs independent of how long a guest stays – and also because we really want everybody to stay the whole weekend! We also have some reduced prices if you only come during the day and for the evening entertainment (both without overnight stay). If the price is really too much – see the next point.

“I would like to come, but unfortunately I am really short on cash …”
We definitely don’t want anybody to stay away for financial reasons – contact us and we will figure something out!