Get involved

It is very important to us that no guest at the Mühl(e)voll… festival is only a “consumer”, but that we all work together to make it a successful and relaxed weekend. We would prefer to only organize that things get organized and you to do the rest. So if you want to contribute to the festival in any way, please contact us and tell us what talents and superpowers you can bring to the table.

Before the festival

Group work at the weekends

We need your help to make the place functional and look good so we need your help on the following weekends:

  • June 14 to 16
  • July 12 to 14
  • August 9 to 11

Tasks will vary according to how many people come but our priorities are to enlarge the shower area and replace the showers with improved sturdy models, move the compost toilet, repair damages to the bakery and install water stations, it will be fun to work and hang out together.

We will try to have sufficient accomodation and food for everyone so please book your attendance in advance. Accomodation depends on how many people are here but we will also let you know in advance where we have sleeping spaces (shared room / attic / camping). Lifts from Liebenthal train station can also be organised if we know about you in advance.

Since our budget is small we would be happy if you brought food to share with others (we make pot luck meals) and /or if you can perhaps leave a small donation to cover our costs whilst you are here.

The sooner you tell us you are coming the better we can plan the work ;-D

Can’t come for the weekends but still want to help? We have some work from home tasks 😀

You can volunteer from home making signs… you can look at the list here to find out what signs we need.

You can also support us by making donations to cover the extra costs of the pre-festival activities.

Other help…. check out our need & want list

If you are fond of collecting stuff or have stuff you want to get rid off then check out our list. If you have something but don’t have transport then let us know and we will see if it is possible to organise this.

At the festival 😀

There’s a job for everyone

At the festival itself, we will have a “job center”, which will give each guest a shift/s, for example to help with cooking, a shift of selling drinks, collecting wood for the campfire → a detailed description of jobs can be found here. Performing music, giving a workshop, organizing the festival, taking care of technical equipment also counts as a “job”, so these people don’t get additional jobs on top of that – unless they want to! 🙂


There will also be special support system at the festival: the “Engel” (angels)  – name and concept stolen from the CCC. The angels are guests who know a lot about the working of the festival and can thus answer questions/help out and unburden the main orga people a bit. This is the job for you if you like to get in contact with many people and enjoy knowing how everything works. If possible, the Angels should arrive at the mill a bit earlier, Wednesday afternoon (September 18th) at the latest, so that they can absorb all the information before the bulk of the guests arrive.

Let us know if you want to be an Angel.

First Aiders

We are looking for 2 first aiders… if you want to do this please contact us.

Performers / Artists / Workshoppers

Head over here for more info.