Food and Drinks

Here is some information on what to expect in terms of food and drinks.


Food is completely included in the festival price, and you can buy drinks from our little bar at the festival:

  • Tap water, coffee and tea for free
  • We will sell juice, soft drinks, beer and wine – and this year also some or our own homemade drinks made from produce on the farm 😀

If you want to drink something quite different, for example hard liquor or a special type of juice, etc, then you are welcome to bring that with you – but please do not bring any direct alternatives to our offered beverages, e.g. a crate of beer (“My favorite brand, and it’s cheaper for me this way”), since that would ruin our calculation, and we are dependent on the income from selling drinks finance the free drinks for musicians and helpers.


We will provide vegetarian food. If you want to eat meat during the festival, you are welcome to bring along something to throw on the barbecue – we will supply the facilities needed – send us an email to let us know what you are bringing to ensure we have space to store it for you.

Breakfasts – We will have like always beautiful bread with our lovely home made spreads, cereal, fruit, tea & coffee.

Lunch – The kitchen staff will work with instructions through the recipes we make with love and prepare a balanced, warm meal and salad

Dinner – There will be bread, spreads and salad. If necessary, something is left over from lunch.