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Can I bring some friends?

If the friends are nice and you think that they fit well in the festival crowd: Yeah, sure! 🙂

So tell your friends of the müh(l)evoll festival and show them this website, too. Then if they are interested, nicely force them to sign up for the newsletter. And at least briefly tell us their names, so that we know where they come from (who they are friends with) 😉

Also, as a thumb rule: friends of friends of us are welcome – but not friends of friends of friends…

I don’t want to make a commitment, so I’ll just show up spontaneously, ok?


Sorry, but this is not possible. We need to know the number of guests beforehand so that there is enough food and enough toilets and other important stuff like that! We hope you understand?

What does accomodation at the mill look like?

There is a meadow next to the mill for camping.

Alternatively, we can offer you to sleep on the attic of the mill with mattress and sleeping bag – but it is not warmer than outside and anybody scared of bats, wasps, spiders and other small animals should rather pack their own tent.

The few proper rooms in the mill will be given out according to needs, e.g. for people with very young children. In case you think you need a room, please let us know as soon as possible!